Facts About Childhood Hunger in CT
Why Connecticut Needs a Campaign to End Childhood Hunger

>  96,893 children in Connecticut are living in poverty – 12.1% of all children.

>   9.4% of Connecticut residents are living in poverty.

>   There are 656,195 people in Connecticut living below 185% of the Federal Poverty Level. This would be an annual income of $40,793 for a family of four.

>   11.4% of Connecticut residents are food insecure and 4.6% are very food insecure –  a 70% increase from 2006.

>   Connecticut is the last in the nation for the number of schools with a school breakfast program. Only 58.4% of schools participate.

>   Only 39.1 students participate in free and reduced price breakfast for every 100 in lunch.

>   Connecticut would receive an additional $7.6 million federal dollars if the participation rate of school breakfast reached 60%.

>   Connecticut’s SNAP (formerly Food Stamps) participation rate is 69%.

>   Only 53% of the eligible working poor participate in the SNAP program. Many go to food pantries instead for food.

>   For every $1 spent on WIC funding, Connecticut saves $1.77-$3.13 on future medical costs.

>   At any given time, 60,147 people participate in the WIC program – 46,916 of those are infants and children.

>   Only 25.8 of every 100 low-income students that participate in school lunch also participate in summer nutrition. If participation reached 40, an additional 19,558 students would be reached and we would bring an additional $1.35 million federal dollars into the state.