Location Finder

There are 3 ways to use the location finder:

  1. 1. Enter your address and select the distance you are willing to travel. Click search, and all the locations within that distance of your address will show up.
  2. 2. Enter your zip code and click search. This will show all of the sites that are in your zip code area.
  3. 3. Enter the name of your town and click search. This will list all of the sites in your town.

*Once the results are shown, click on the location name or the red pins on the map to find their hours.*

Only use one of these methods. Do not fill out a town and a zip code. That is not how the location finder works.

If no results are showing up when you search that means your area or town does not have a free summer meals program. Try searching for a site in a nearby town that you can access.